We’re almost there!

It’s nearly October 23rd! This gig has been months in the planning for us โ€“ shooting a video, re-working the website, learning Indesign, preparing press pack design, learning to make jewellery, making feather earrings to go into the press packs, sourcing materials, researching industry contacts for UK based labels – management companies, promoters/booking agents, radios, bloggers, and magazines. We’ve sent out send out 150+ press kits both in hard and soft copies!

Even though we’ve concentrated on booking agents and promoters, we’ve also hit a few labels for luck (if you can call it luck?) โ€“ these include the usual suspects such as PIAS, 4AD, ATC, Bella Union, etc. But mostly promoters/agents group such as Xray Touring, MamaCo, Metropolis Music, and The Industry Group. In terms of blogs, we’ve tried to capture a range as well – from, Lost in the Manor, to bigger blogs like Blue Walrus, and then ambitiously to Tim Jonze at the Guardian, and various people at BBC, and NME.

We have no idea who will be there! But we are so looking forward to seeing whoever turns up ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah, by the way!! The gig is free entry + DJ till 4am + 3 other bands. The evening will start with the very soulful Tony Hoyne, followed by some sweaty psychedelic rock n rollers Samsara… and then, there will be some fairly trippy post rock gyration in the form of Copper! And then, there’s one time at band camp, … Okay, not really. And then, we’re on.ย And then, the sadness, begins.

In other news – we have been having a lot of homemade smoothies. Rex has been busy with interviews for his day job, Brice is back from Geneva, Sophie never remembers where her day went, and Bishi as always, is working his arse off for the band. We’ll probably take him out for Cassoulet seeing as it’s October Cassoulet month in London. Hey, let us know if you want to come with us!!

Don’t forget to wear your feathers!! (we spent ages making those….)

Peace out x