The first of many (sometimes polite) rants x

Hey everyone,

This is the first blog post of hopefully many to come, as we keep you updated with what’s going on in our little lives, the food we’ve discovered, and general things that make us happy, or really piss us off. For example, why are circuses still allowed to have animals, and who are these idiot parents who keep bringing their kids to Seaworld?!

But first things first, earlier this year we recorded our very first collection of songs which, although it’s 8 songs long, we still like to call an EP. ‘i love you long time’ was released at the tail-end of June, and we celebrated that with a great show at The Monarch in Camden.
For over a month now, we have been hard at work on a very special EP Launch concert that will take place at The Good Ship in Kilburn on Friday October 23rd. It’ll involve new songs, an immersive stage show and lots of feathers (check the ‘feathers’ tab above). We can’t tell you too much about what we’ve planned but it’s really exciting and we’re buzzing already! And hey, the show is free so why not come by and say hi?

The promotion leading up to the show also means we got our first radio airplay on the very cool and independent French radio RKC with our ‘Personal Demon’. Big up to Mike Lindley for adding us to his indie show playlist “Ralph’s Life”!
We’d also like to thank “music harvester” Bob Crabtree from the U.S of A for sharing our song ‘Out of Place’ on his SoundCloud (which is chock-full of great new tunes).
And we have to mention Shaftesbury, who recognised Sophie’s guitar on our poster for the show. Really nice of them to share our music with their followers!

We hope to see you at The Good Ship on the 23rd. We’ll stay around at the end of the gig to sign copies of the EP, feel free to come and talk to us.

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Thanks for the support and see you at the show!

Oh and we love this pic of a really cute dinosaur playing drums