Anybody can break, at the dentist.

This is our third blog entry. It had to happen. I was told to stop procrastinating and pull up my wo-manpers.

I’m not sure why we thought it would be such a great idea, when we started it. (“A blog!! yeah!! That’s a great idea! You can write about anything you like!!”)

But the thing about writing blogs is that it’s really a private affair. And if you’re 101 at running a band blog, you know you have to make it really interesting, really informative, and yet, let your boring mundane personalities shine through a dreamscape sunshine filter, and do it like that, like this, but not too much. And less of that. But, actually, even less, cos you’ll scare them away, Sophie. Make it real. It has to be genuine. But actually, this is not a food blog, Sophie.

So, if you’re an indie introverted kind of person, you’d probably already wish that you could walk around with your head half tucked behind one of your shoulders – yes, it would look a bit weird, but if you just avoid the mirror, it’s not like you have to look at yourself – having to run a marketing slash personal slash creative slash funny slash something else blog, it’s hard, because there’s a possibility that it might get personal. Maybe.

That’s my reason for being three months late.

You’ll agree, that it’s entirely understandable. (…..Obey The Force.)

But anyway, so now it has to be done. Because I’ve been told that I have to tell you, that we made a new live take video. The intention is to regularly produce these, so you can see that we’re hard at work.


Anybody can break” (watch our live take here)

And that we’re playing at The Cavendish, on Saturday 12 March (2016), along with the post-rock psychedelic jazzists Copper, and trip hop post punk rockers The Actions. We’ve shared a bill with both bands before, and they are just so awesome, we always try it on and ask them to bill together so we can see them for free. No one is ever going to read this blog so I think this secret might be safe here. But if you do see this, definitely come down and check out some great stuff. But try not to repeat what I just said.

Details here (link to facebook event page):



In other news. I recently had a wisdom tooth removed at the Charing Cross hospital in Hammersmith. This was not my first one, I’ve had two others removed. And so I thought I knew what to expect. Except, it was much more awful. The surgeon I had was a right female Orin Scrivello. Had I any room for humour whilst I was at the surgery, I would have sung the Dentist Song during the session. Or at least imagined some of montage projected on to the corner of the ceiling behind the dentist’s goggled face. But no, brutal does not quite describe it. I’ve never had a tooth extracted whilst half of my face was jammed into the head rest. And for a couple of days afterwards, before the bruising showed on the *outside* of my face too, I just had a massive lump on the side of my face. Kind of like Kuato, before he comes out of his host’s stomach. So instead of looking like I had been bashed, I just looked like I drew a short draw in the genetics’ pool. But now it’s okay. My whingey week is over. The hot water bottle can retire until I start binge watching season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Incidentally, when I was at high school, we did the Little Shop of Horrors. I played the piano in the orchestra pit. It was fun.

Look, I know this is immature, but I photoshopped an reenactment of my dental surgery experience.

oral surgeryV1

And here’s a cute video if you want to sing along:

Peace out.

Pick your dentists carefully.